I would like to tell of Gloxinia, Keplero and Lobelia and then, maybe in the future, of some other arrival. Sincerely I find myself in difficulty even if I don't lack the capacity to be synthetic. What I would and could say would fill up pages and pages and the problem should be only to find the point where to stop.

I am sure that the reason that carried - my husband and me – to have a “Birman”, has been the fascination that all the “felix”, without any exclusion, raised in him and in me since we were children. It was much time that we thought to take a “simply” cat. The choice of a race, in our case Birman, in a precise moment of our life, has been due to a long series of coincidences and random facts happened in only few hours. If you permit me to be unrational, I could say that it was Gloxinia - our first cat – that was looking for us, and that we waited “her” from much time, perhaps from always. It was the “lightning strike” with Gloxinia to carry on Keplero, some month after, and just a little bit later Lobelia. Lobelia has been the first to born at our home; the first also of a beatiful CUCCIOLATA of thre “girls” and one “boy”.

The emotions that these companions of life give us, free and continuously, are so many and constant. Our life, beautifull for itself as all the lives, has become even more beautiful.

Our Home is now “The Court of Gloxinia”. She is the matriarch, as matter of fact, but also because of her character. Keplero the eternal sweetheart frustrated dreamer. Lobelia is the “alter ego” of Gloxinia - the mother - with which she lives in total symbiosis.

We have a single sorrow, but it was unavoidable: to keep separate Keplero from the "women". Gloxinia in the ANESTRO period, really does not tolerate him and arrives to being truly bad against him.

Lobelia (that after all is not its daughter) is still kitty, but don't understaning the restless court of Keplero to her mother, hits him to make him go away. We try to tranquilize him when we see him hopeless, and we explain him that first or later they will not be more separate in house, it is only question to wait a little. For the moment he is comprehensive and pleases himself to carry for all the house his plaid, with which he fake the copuling (perhaps in his feline fantasy it is a substitute of his “bribe”).

ith Gloxinia and her court, many other lives entered in our and simply enriched it, and it arrived also an angel always ready to give us friendship and support .

"Thanks Marilena for the great friendship. These are the important things in the life"